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Founded in 2010, ClearSnow.ie are the first and only company supplying snow blowers, snow throwers, salt spreaders and accessories to the Irish market. All our products are top US and European brands carefully selected for Irish conditions, and are supplied fully assembled and tested. No flat-pack fever, no missing parts. Talk to us about delivery – we are usually happy to deliver our products in the Leinster area.

Remember 2010 when we all had to endure back-breaking snow shovelling just to keep the outside of our houses or premises safe and accessible? Don’t let the weather beat you again this year. Our snow blowers can move tonnes of snow per hour and will really save time and effort when it starts to snow.

Ideal for smaller areas, single stage snowblowers have a rotating auger that picks snow up off the pavement and ejects it out a directable chute in one operation. These machines clean right down to the pavement, and so shouldn’t be used on gravel. The durable plastic or rubber auger is flexible enough to cope with obstructions without compromising efficiency. Available in electric or petrol options to suit any situation. Petrol models are available with electric start for ultimate convenience.

Two stage snow blowers throw the snow twice. First a metal auger scoops up the snow and ice. Then a high-speed impeller throws it out through the discharge chute. The auger on two-stage snow blowers doesn’t touch the ground, so they can be used on gravel and concrete. Plus, they feature taller buckets capable of dealing with snow drifts.



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