Shear pins

Shear pins are safety devices designed to break in the case of a mechanical overload, preventing other more-expensive parts from being damaged. Think of them like an electric fuse. Please see our guide to replacing shear pins.



Shear pins to fit 26″ model snow blower – MTD Shear Pins 1/4″ with cotter pin

Pin is 1/4″ diameter, 1-5/8″ overall length, 1-1/2″ to the head. The hole for the cotter pin is 1-1/8″ down from the head.

Replaces MTD shear pins part numbers 738-04124A, 938-04124A, 738-04124, 938-04124.
These are Rotary brand parts and are the same as Stens part # 780-241

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Shear pins to fit 24″ and 26″ model snow blowers – 1/4″ shear shoulder bolts & locknuts

Husqvarna/McCulloch/Poulan/AYP/Sears shear bolts & locknuts Includes Shear Pin (for 192090) and Locknut (for 73800400). Size: 1/4-20, Overall length 2 1/8″, OD: 1/4″, Shear bolt length 1 13/16″

Replaces: 192090 shear pins, 73800400 locknuts. Part number: 532192090, 532 19 20-90, AYP/192090, 192090, 19 20-90, AYP 2004 models: PO10527ESA, PO8527ESA, PP1130ESC, PP524B, PP5524ESC, PP927ESC, PR10527ESA, PR524ESA, PR8527ESB, McCulloch MC12527, PM55, PM85, PM105

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